The Ultimate List of Freelance/Remote Job Platforms for Germany

The Ultimate List of Freelance Remote Job Platforms for Germany

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Last updated: 04 Jun 2020 / by Sam Williams

Freelancing is a method of working that has boomed in popularity in Germany over the last decade.

For some, freelance work sits alongside their regular paid employment. This is a great way to test the water or just earn extra cash. For others, freelance work is the sole source of income and responsible for paying all the bills!

Freelancing provides the opportunity to enjoy much greater freedom. As a freelancer, you have much more control over the type of work you do, who you work for, and how much you earn are. This can be incredibly liberating, as well as offering greater financial freedom.

On the flip side, there is no guarantee of work. This is arguably the biggest drawback of freelancing as you always need to be planning ahead. The good news is that is not quite as hard as it sounds because many online platforms hook up freelancers with potential clients.

While you can also network in local, face-to-face meets, the online job platforms are invaluable for freelancers. Freelancing means that you are not confined to working with clients in the same country that you are living in. It is common for freelancers to have clients located all over the world. This increases the pool of potential work and opens unlimited opportunities. Many freelancers find overseas clients through a variety of online job platforms.

There is an enormous number of remote working and freelance platforms available, and it is helpful to register with more than one. However, all have their own unique characteristics, and some may suit you more than others.

To help you to get started, here’s our ultimate list of job platforms and an overview of what you’ll find on each.

People Per Hour

One of the most successful global freelancer platforms around which has won multiple accolades, People Per Hour (PPH) has around 2.4 freelancers globally. The site includes tools such as escrow and reviews, and you will find a broad range of work categories are covered.


Another hugely popular freelancing site, Upwork includes projects from all around the world. The only downside is that there are a lot of low budget jobs advertised, but there are still a significant number of topnotch contracts available too.


Guru is a trusted name in the freelance field and has been offering freelance services since 1999. The site verifies freelancers, and feedback scores are visible to all.


Enormously popular and covering a broad range of categories, Fiverr allows you to offer your services – but only for $5. This may not sound a lot, but you can bump up the price to a reasonable level by offering add-ons as extras to the basic service. Fiverr is particularly good for those in the creative field.

Freelancer is a site that works particularly well for small and medium-sized businesses trying to source expert talent. Along with the usual services, there is a handy live chat facility.


The name may sound quirky, but Twago stands for “Teamwork across global offices,” and that’s their philosophy. They provide projects and opportunities for freelancers in Europe, backed by a solid service that includes an escrow system and feedback.


Movemeon focusses on only the “top-tier” consultants and freelancers in the field. The platform aims to connect workers with start-ups, consultancies, private equity and venture capital firms for new and exciting roles being offered on an interim basis.

Skip the Drive

This site covers jobs in every industry, including those which you may not find elsewhere. It has some helpful extra tools too, such as an application tracker and a savings calculator. Jobseekers don’t need to register to start searching for work, which can be useful if you’re trying to decide whether to sign up.


WeWorkRemotely lists both full-time remote working roles as well as freelance opportunities. Neatly organized into easy categories such as Marketing, Business Management, Copywriting, Programming and so on, it’s easy to navigate to the area of interest.

Angel List

Transparency is one of the big advantages of Angel List as you will be able to see from the start what you’re getting. You will find a good number of German start-ups listed, which include opportunities for remote working.


A site that is very similar to People Per Hour, Truelancer has more than one million freelancers registered. Designed for professional workers, you can view and apply for freelance contracts, use the escrow system and check feedback. One word of caution: Truelancer makes your total earnings public, something not everyone will be comfortable with.

Freelancers in the UK

Despite the name, Freelancers in the UK is open to workers who are physically present elsewhere. It’s not a free service; to list your skills, you’ll need to pay a small fee (currently £15-25), but it can boost your online presence.

Remote OK

Remote OK is a site that is stacked with jobs from all over the world, helping workers find positions that allow remote working. Alongside the different categories of work, they also feature the companies that are the best at offering remote working positions.

Remote are passionate about encouraging remote working. They see their role as not only helping remote workers find positions but also helping companies transition to offering remote working for the first time. Alongside the job opportunities, the site is packed full of tips and advice.


Although Worksome advertises for the UK, you can join up from other countries too. They aim to focus on the best jobs and candidates and use a smart algorithm to match up the best fits.

Just Remote

Specializing in the creative and communication niche, Just Remote provides a site for freelancers with potential clients. They recognize a shift in modern working patterns and provide a whole host of resources to support freelancers making the change, including a free online CV.


Based in London, WeWhoDo is the first consultancy which is 100% based on freelancers. With an extensive support network in place, the platform specializes in consulting, technology and creative industries.

Remote aim to replace many of the core functions in a company, helping businesses to work with global remote workers more easily. With areas such as HR, payroll and compliance taken care of by Remote, they help to connect remote workers and companies from around the world.

Solid Gigs

While many freelance sites end up being a rush to the bottom, Solid Gigs sets itself apart by only featuring the top 1% freelance jobs. Scouring other sites, Solid Gigs brings the best opportunities together and also offers advice on areas such as bidding and pricing.


An elite platform, Guidepoint aims to match vetted freelancers with companies who are searching for their services in a global market.

Europe Remotely

Europe Remotely is a remote working platform aimed primarily at developers, and related fields. They offer curated jobs that are open to workers in Europe to save you scrolling through long lists of contacts that are only accepting US applications.


An online magazine rather than a true freelance platform, EU Startups provides a wealth of information about start-ups in Europe. Included in the site is a jobs board where you’ll find remote working opportunities listed.


As the name suggests, the focus is on remote working opportunities, but it’s more of an all-round site that provides advice. Everything from visas to top tips is included, along with a job board listing the best opportunities for ex-pats.


Aquent is geared towards workers with more than two years of experience. You’ll only find high-quality jobs here and they specialize in marketing, digital and creative projects.

Euro Freelancers

Euro Freelancers is a platform that supports freelance fundraisers and lawyers with projects which are seeking help. With prescreening and curated positions, it’s a tightly controlled network that suits a niche market.

Simply Hired

An easy platform to use, Simply Hired provides lists of contract opportunities for freelance workers. As well as listing local jobs, the platform provides help with drafting a CV and other related issues.


Brigad is a specialist site for the hospitality industry, offering freelance workers all kinds of shifts and positions. Whether you’re only looking for work for a day, or a longer-term contract, you can check Brigad and see what’s available.


A freelance platform that aims to attract the top 3%, Toptal has contracts for freelance management consultancy, finance experts, software developers, designers and product managers from top companies seeking world-class talent.

Freelancer Map

This site connects freelancers and hirers, but you’ll have a pay a premium for the privilege. As a freelancer, you can create a profile and reply to as many jobs as you want. However, if you want to view any replies and progress further, you’ll need to upgrade your account. The focus is on development, consulting, IT infrastructure, SAP and engineering.

Code Control

Code Control seeks to match up world-class freelancers with companies seeking their services. Freelancers can also search for their own preferred contracts on the site and apply for any roles which appeal.

Use Me

A freelance and remote working site with more than 100,000 users registered, Use Me offers an incredibly diverse range of positions. Transparent pricing and easy navigation mean that although this site is smaller than some, you shouldn’t pass it by.


GLG describes themselves as the “knowledge marketplace” with clients seeking experts in various areas. With more than 700,000 experts aka freelancers registered on the site, there’s many topnotch opportunities.


This platform connects blockchain experts with individuals who need help in this evolving area of technology. If you’re an expert in cryptocurrency, Experty can connect you with clients who need your help.

German-Specific Platforms

Jobs in Berlin

An enormous online jobs board, Jobs in Berlin has many useful filters, including language and remote working. There are sister sites for other cities in Germany, and there are various roles in different fields.

Berlin Start-up Jobs

This website aims to find a job with a start-up but includes a section for freelance workers. It doesn’t have the largest selection you’ll find, but it’s easy to navigate and may be worth a look.

German IT Jobs

German IT Jobs is focussed on the IT industry, with jobs for developers and programmers. They are more than just a jobs board as they curate and check skills, while also offering support with relocation.


Projektwerk connects freelancers and companies who are looking for workers, with more than 5000 open positions on their board. Industries include IT, creative, engineering, consulting, HR, sales and marketing, architecture and health.

A freelance site for German-speakers, has an enormous range of contracts and opportunities, but not all are remote or freelance. However, to get the full access, you’ll need to pay to upgrade your account. On a basic account, you can only apply for 5 proposals and you won’t be able to send your message with your bid.


Malt have an ambition of ultimately being far more than just a place to hook up freelancers and companies. They aspire to develop a full community for freelancers, as they help to reshape the modern workplace.

The Ultimate List of Freelance/Remote Job Platforms for Germany

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